Location/ The island of Ammouliani

Ammouliani is located in Mount Athos gulf. It is the only inhabited island in Halkidiki. It has 600 permanent residents and it is about 4,5 square kilometers. It is connected with a ferry boat, to Tripiti at the opposite coast which is only 2 nautical miles. There are quite often ship itineraries every day, especially during the summer months, which are almost half an hour. Ammouliani is well- known about its really beautiful beaches with clear-blue waters. The most famous beaches are Alikes, Saint George, Megali Ammos and Karagatsia too. Don’t miss a cruise to the small donkey islands which is a popular destination, for lots of tourists, during summer.

The island was at the Monks possession until 1925 when it was given to the Greek refugees that were coming from Proikonissos, in Minor Asia. With fishing as their main occupation the locals got ahead very quickly. Their love and care about the island, their hospitality, the natural beauty and the beautiful beaches made Ammouliani a popular tourist destination. In our island you can find a lot of café, restaurants, bars, supermarkets and a pharmacy. There are also shops with fishing articles and equipment for the lovers of fishing. There is a rent a motorbike shop too. The unbelievable peacefulness that the island offers and the cosmopolitan character which encircle all Halkidiki is an irresistible combination for unforgetable holidays.


The access is easy through the existing road network until Tripiti (a few kilometers before Ouranoupolis). You can take the ferry boat from Tripiti to the island of Ammouliani. It is about 20 minutes way. For your convenience refer to the access map at the left side of the page.




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